The Love Song

By gonzalezgirls | June 27, 2015

Welcome to the classic hot spot, The Love Song, located on Main Street next to the Regent Theatre. You will enjoy a variety of music on vinyl or live entertainment/DJ. I was swept away by their invigorating cocktails and ended up in a love affair with their flavorful dishes. I fell head over heels for their Beet and Burrata appetizer, with marinated Chicken Spedini Skewers, and the “Stretch” Wood-fired Neopolitan Style Pizza. My drink of choice was the Turbonegro, which was a combination of a bourbon, amaretto, honey, bitters, and a lime…mmm…This Love Song spoke right to my DTLA heart!

What I Wore: black lace dress, black and gold oxfords by Jeffery Campbell (, and vegan black leather hat (

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