Jaded LA Home Base

By gonzalezgirls | June 28, 2015

Everyone’s work environment tends to be a little different. The things we keep around us, influence our daily lives in such unexpected ways. A quick glance at a picture can turn into a memory and create a new idea. I thought I would share a little taste of what you might find in my loft. These things have accumulated over the past 10 years or so, and complete¬†my comfort zone. Perhaps they even might explain a little more about me!!

IMG_3424 IMG_3420 IMG_3423 IMG_3422 IMG_3412 IMG_3411 IMG_3430 IMG_3438 IMG_3441 IMG_3440IMG_3846 IMG_3442 IMG_3437 IMG_3433 IMG_3435 IMG_3416 IMG_3407 IMG_3459 IMG_3419 IMG_3427 IMG_3452 IMG_3447 IMG_3739 IMG_3446 IMG_3445 IMG_3425