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Welcome To Gonzalez Girlz!!!

This website was born for City Girls who live their badass lives in iconic moments!

Journey through Andrea’s majestic MOOD, where the lines of fashion get blurred by innovative style.

Creative Director, Andrea Gonzalez, is a pure product of the 90s, but will forever remain a 60s flower child at heart! Her vision began in 2015 with the birth of her Fashion Blog, JadedLA. Forgetting about social norms and trends, JadedLA brings an unpredictable personal style to the streets of Downtown LA. Andrea has made her mark on the LA scene, with directing over 600 photoshoots, commissioned by over 100 local businesses, and collaborating with legendary artists such as Suzan Pitt and Ron Kibble. With the success of JadedLA, Andrea has entered a new chapter with the launch of her sassy new streetwear collection!

Her limited edition streetwear collection, made with PRIDE in the heart of Downtown LA, will be sold online as well as at Round2LA Boutique on Los Angeles Street and The Flasher Boutique on Melrose.

But why stop there… Within that uncontrollable desire to remain true to her old world romance mixed with rockstar appeal, GonzalezGirlz was born, bringing hand picked one of a kind vintage treasures to inspire the masses!

Made with sick love and artistic style for you!

Andrea Gonzalez

Creative Director | Fashion Stylist | Blogger