The Legend Of Suzan Pitt Part 5

By gonzalezgirls | October 21, 2016

Live Life Out Loud!

Maybe you’re looking for something quiet and cute, if you are, then you better turn back now….Your about to be drenched in extreme animation, brought on by the adventurous artist, Suzan Pitt! Her passionate soul spills right through her art and ignites charismatic characters with sick ass elements! With a shocking celebration of life booming from her art combined with editorial embellishments, it’s no wonder she’s cranked up volume on street style. The arrival of Suzan Pitt gives a reason to live life out loud, so for all those bad girls who live by their own rules, Suzan will give you the loudest voice in the whole damn room!

What I Wore: Margie coat by Suzan Pitt (Flasher) or (PatriciaField)

white satin dress & beam me up platforms (Nastygal)

white lace tights by Black Temptation (Amazon)

white mirrored cat-eye shades by Quay (PaleViolet)

black beanie (Target)

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