The Legend Of Suzan Pitt Part 4

By gonzalezgirls | October 20, 2016

Are you in desperate need of a hardcore dose of radiant reality?! Award-winning animator, Suzan Pitt, will guide you on a prolific path people only dream about! A true innovator headed down a tantalizing track with jaw-dropping drama behind every work of art. Everything she happens to dip her paint brush in has a genuine piece of her hard-working soul, from her animated films to her paintings to her wearable art. If you are lucky enough to purchase her limited edition pieces, you will never want to part with it!

What I Wore: white high waisted shredded skinny jeans, vintage mirrored yellow shades, metallic sneakers by Jeffrey Campbell (Nastygal)

hand painted rain coat (Flasher) or (PatriciaField)

khaki embroidered LA snapback hat (Disnapback)

white v-neck top (Asos)

jaded-la_3666 jaded-la_3678 jaded-la_3661 jaded-la_3676 jaded-la_3710 jaded-la_3672 jaded-la_3650 jaded-la_3717 jaded-la_3688 jaded-la_3746 jaded-la_3762