The Legend Of Suzan Pitt Part 6

By gonzalezgirls | October 22, 2016

When art and fashion collide, out pops an epic vision known as Suzan Pitt! Her clear and killer instincts for wearable art brings a breath of fiery fresh air to streetwear. I’ve developed an obvious obsession while feelin’ overwhelmingly honored to play a part in her badass legacy! There’s something profound about the world she creates, inviting intense colors to stage surreal statements with remarkable appeal. Her one of a kind pieces are original works of art that will remain timeless, just as her animated films and paintings. There’s very few artists who can bring an out spoken expression into your everyday life. It’s time to emerge yourself in the legend of Suzan Pitt!

What I Wore: “El Roboto Alcoholico” hand painted jacket by Suzan Pitt (Flasher) or (PatriciaField)

Nevermind plaid maxi top, Ziggy shades by Quay, & black leather wedge booties by Sam Edelman (Nastygal)

black net tights (Asos)

black beanie (Target)

jaded-la_3480 jaded-la_3507 jaded-la_3475 jaded-la_3484 jaded-la_3501 jaded-la_3473 jaded-la_3490 jaded-la_3461 jaded-la_3486