You Are Entering The LABYRINTH

By gonzalezgirls | November 14, 2015

Welcome to the LABYRINTH, located above The Last Book Store! When you enter the LABYRINTH,the books and pages jump right out at you in one of a kind masterpieces! As you continue through it, you are literally surrounded by artistic expression and dollar books. You will immediately find yourself caught in a maze of curved book tunnels and portholes. Then you will stumble upon my favorite spot in this massive book store, The Horror Vault, packed with crime and horror! If you haven’t been to this amazing book store in the Historic Core, you need to check it out!!! You will fall in love with this DTLA treasure. I had a blast and decided to share a little video of my recent new adventure! Also Check out my blog Stranger Than Fiction on the first floor of The Last Book Store!

What I Wore: striped mod leather dress (Joyus)

black patent leather oxfords by Jeffrey Campbell (Nastygal)

structure black backpack & black googly eyes tassel keychain (PaleViolet)

Location: 453 S. Spring Street

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