Breakfast With My Fashion Bible

By gonzalezgirls | November 15, 2015

My DTLA morning began with a special package! My bible arrived…that is my fashion¬†bible! I can’t get enough of these fashion coffee table books, but this book is by far the heaviest, loaded with 480 pages of fashion and photography. I ordered Ellen Von Unwerth: FRAULEIN book online and was blown away by the images! She was a former supermodel and now an insanely successful fashion photographer, who knows exactly how to capture a woman’s figure. So I stayed in bed with my exciting new book, as my breakfast arrived in bed, courtesy of my lover, who happens to be an excellent cook! I sipped on espresso and flipped through the stunning images that celebrate women, art, and fashion! I have to say breakfast in bed with fashion is a fabulous way to spend Sunday mornings! (P.S. Jade & Lebowski are photogenic divas)

What I Wore: gray floral flannel pjs (Target)

Ellen Von Unwerth: FRAULEIN (Amazon)

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