The Broad

By gonzalezgirls | October 17, 2015

Welcome to the newest DTLA Museum, The Broad! This DTLA Hotspot holds nearly 2,000 works of art, with collections of postwar and contemporary art. Philanthropists Eli and Edythe Broad, focuses on the art of their time. I was blown away by all the great works of the practicing contemporary artists! There was so many different points of view captured all around. Life was booming from every wall, it was fascinating! There was so much to capture, so I got a little carried away with photos, but if you haven’t experienced The Broad, then make plans to go, you will leave with your mind filled with inspiration!

What I Wore: Caged white dress, statement rope necklace, knee high boots by Jeffrey Campbell (Nastygal)

Jaded LA_7003 Jaded LA_6901 Jaded LA_6959 Jaded LA_6962 Jaded LA_6951 Jaded LA_6924 Jaded LA_6915 Jaded LA_6922 Jaded LA_6876 Jaded LA_6872 Jaded LA_6853 Jaded LA_6964 Jaded LA_6940 Jaded LA_6927 Jaded LA_6863 Jaded LA_6928 Jaded LA_6861 Jaded LA_6891 Jaded LA_6880 Jaded LA_6879 Jaded LA_6944 Jaded LA_6945 Jaded LA_6913 Jaded LA_6926 Jaded LA_6874 Jaded LA_6857 Jaded LA_6925 Jaded LA_6912 Jaded LA_6869 Jaded LA_6886 Jaded LA_6982 Jaded LA_6985 Jaded LA_6984 Jaded LA_6988