Brunch With Pitchoun

By gonzalezgirls | October 18, 2015

The French really know how to do brunch! Pitchoun has an unbelievably addicting bakery! Their freshly baked almond croissants, will keep you coming back for more! The fresh squeezed orange juice is the best I’ve ever had, it will wake you right up! We had the pleasure of trying their amazing French Toast, so thick and moist, with delicious homemade whip cream and fresh fruit…mmm… If you are in the Halloween spirit, like me, you will wanna pick up some of their sweet new Halloween treats, everything from eclairs to homemade cakes. This DTLA Hotspot will have you craving more! Brunch with Pitchoun is the perfect way to start your morning/afternoon!

What I Wore: white floral crop top, high-waisted pink palazzo pants, floral cat-eye shades,                       white leather oxfords by Swear (Nastygal)

Location: 545 S. Olive Street

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