Strawberry Fields

By gonzalezgirls | February 18, 2016

Living is easy with eyes closed
Misunderstanding all you see”

By The Beatles

I’m diggin’ the hippie military vibe! You can practically start a revolution in those colors! Pairing prints with bright colors is the perfect way to stir up your look! Bring some western booties and Lennon shades into the mix and you will be ready see things clear!

What I Wore: blue velvet western booties (NoSeasonBoutique)

blue printed roses blouse (ILoveFashionBoutique)

blue mirrored circle shades by Quay (Nastygal)

red pants (Forever21)

Jaded LA_0295 Jaded LA_0313 Jaded LA_0337 Jaded LA_0357 Jaded LA_0367 Jaded LA_0333 Jaded LA_0290 Jaded LA_0328