Punk Goes Glam

By gonzalezgirls | February 17, 2016

If you refuse to let go of your punk rock dayz, but still want to look ultra chic…Mark & Estel are the answers to your fashion prayers! What a refreshing new voice of rock n roll style! It’s all in their details, the structure and design is totally high end, but their signature logo lining brings a punk rock edge that is rare to find! Once in awhile, a remarkable designer will come along that makes your jaw drop and you can’t but obsess over their pieces which feel like they were made for you!

To Check Out More From Mark & Estel, Click HERE!

What I Wore: billionaire superstar shades, black cape, black skirt, black knit signature top (Mark&Estel)

black beam me up heels (Nastygal)

black tight (Target)

Jaded LA_4881 Jaded LA_4929 Jaded LA_4913 Jaded LA_4908 Jaded LA_4949 Jaded LA_4970 Jaded LA_4874 Jaded LA_4980