Notorious Night Out

By gonzalezgirls | April 5, 2017

Join me on a notorious night out as outrageous artists collide for street style madness!

My epic evening out began with a quick stop to pick up legendary artist, Suzan Pitt, as we headed to the Flasher Boutique. She stepped out looking radiant and raw in a floral hand painted leather jacket by Ron Kibble! Then it was off pick up Scott, a very sweet and lovable man who literally lives and breathes fashion daily at the Flasher Boutique located on Melrose. He brings fierce style to big names, so if you haven’t been to his store then you must check it out! Then we awaited the arrival of artist extraordinaire, Ron Kibble, a true leader for misfits everywhere! He stepped out in black and white denim covered in embroidered patches that he newly designed, looking like a badass work of art! If you ever have the chance to meet the honorable artist Ron Kibble, you will find him to be remarkably kind and incredibly humble, a handsome man who absolutely adores and respects his fans. Now back to our notoriously naughty night… The night was young, as artists from all walks of life piled into our car, where we then arrived at the crazy crib of hip hop producer, Mike Gonsolin. The fiesta began has we celebrated his birthday in style! After an evening of partying we dragged our fabulous asses to restaurant, Republique! We were ready to seriously dine with delish food that seemed to never stop, with passionately priceless conversations that led us there till closing. I wouldn’t trade my unforgettable night with these beautiful legends for anything! Love you guys!!!

What I Wore: custom made hand painted monster denim jacket by ScooterLaForge (PatriciaField)

hand painted pink jacket by Suzan Pitt (Flasher)

white leather choker (StockRoom)