Audrey & Lenny

By gonzalezgirls | March 25, 2017

Welcome to the magical world of Audrey & Lenny!

Get ready to be transported into an enchanting boutique filled with mystery and intrigue! This is no ordinary vintage shop, owner Lynette says, “It’s all about providing a lovely experience for ladies!” She opens up her “gates of vintage heaven” by appointment, catering to an inspirational ladies night out with Audrey & Lenny. This exceptional shop brings epic style as you sip on sweet cocktails, truly ultimate fashion gathering for you and your friends. Let me just give you a taste of my fabulous night out with Audrey & Lenny. The second I stepped into this vintage goldmine, I began to play dress up! My eyes lit up as I spotted beautiful bohemian brilliance, from fierce fur coats to dreamy dresses to legendary accessories! But it doesn’t stop there, this vintage boutique houses precious pieces from every dazzling decade, bringing that old school charm back to life. Audrey & Lenny is inspired by icons Audrey Hepburn and Lenny Kravitz, with their two fascinating forces combined, you get a timeless romance! This DTLA Hotspot is a true hidden gem, so book your next girls night out with an unforgettable evening with Audrey & Lenny!

You can find her info on Instagram @AudreyandLenny

Location: 830 Traction Ave., 2nd Floor

What I Wore: vintage lace dress (The_Corner_StoreInstagram)

metallic blue loafers (JeffreyCampbell)

rhinestone socks (Nastygal)