Japanese Mod

By gonzalezgirls | August 30, 2016

There’s nothing like a little Japanese inspiration to take your style to new heights! Pretty and playful mod pieces will surly bring a fabulous energy to fashion! So why not combine the two cultures for a truly advanced look!

What I Wore: vintage Japanese mod coat dress by Diane Von Furstenberg (HustleVintageInstagram)

Jude white leather booties by Jeffrey Campbell (Nastygal)

green circle mirrored shades by Wildfox (NoSeasonBoutique)

Jaded LA_9120 Jaded LA_9121 Jaded LA_9073 Jaded LA_9096 Jaded LA_9139 Jaded LA_9143 Jaded LA_9089 Jaded LA_9149 Jaded LA_9131