Spotted In Vintage

By gonzalezgirls | August 31, 2016

Vintage has become my obsession! Spotting a nostalgic piece of treasure from the 60s is way more unique than shopping for the same look everyone else is. Whether your looking in boutiques or shopping online, keep your eyes peeled for that fabulous piece of fashion history!

What I Wore: Thief In The Night Nightie (The_Corner_StoreInstagram)

 black mirrored cat-eye shades (PaleViolet)

twice as nice star hair clips & me up platforms (Nastygal)

black lace tights (Asos)

Jaded LA_9646 Jaded LA_9534 Jaded LA_9645 Jaded LA_9624 Jaded LA_9563 Jaded LA_9543 Jaded LA_9661 Jaded LA_9506 Jaded LA_9493 Jaded LA_9511 Jaded LA_9524 Jaded LA_9663