Hello Lover!

By gonzalezgirls | July 31, 2015

As I was strolling through the Arts District, I saw a brick building painted bright pink and it instantly reminded me of this gum that I would chew when I was a kid. Do we all remember Bubble Gum Tape?! This crazy gum was the inspiration for this look, so I headed out to find my next mood. I was feelin’ a cool street style, so I went to none other than stylist extraordinaire, Rocco at Round2LA. I picked out a fun hat that represents me, and I was all about the hot pink patches on this collard crop top. This summer is the perfect time to rock those bright colors! Nothing makes you quite as playful as finding candy from your childhood that you have forgotten!

What I Wore: white collard crop top (Round2LA), black floral Lover hat (Round2LA), dark blue high-waisted skinny jeans (Zara), and metallic sneakers by Jeffery Campbell (Nastygal).

IMG_8519 IMG_8536 IMG_8602 IMG_8531 IMG_8642 IMG_8534 IMG_8527 IMG_8563 IMG_8626 IMG_8636 IMG_8656 IMG_8725