Come As You Are

By gonzalezgirls | July 30, 2015

Who can forget the 90’s grunge era…. It was all about the plaid, combat boots, beanies, and dark makeup. A generation of rockers who wrote deep and were self destruction on and off stage. There is special place in my heart for grunge, because it’s what I grew up listening to and it’s the crowd I hung out with in school. I have found that the DTLA locals are all about staying true to who they are, and this is what I have come to love about this city!

What I Wore: black t-shirt dress (Joyus), blue plaid shirt (Ilovefashionboutique), black beanie (borrowedfrom myboyfriend), black lace combat boots (Nastygal), silver spiked and red plaid necklace (Zara).

IMG_8113 IMG_8081 IMG_8105 IMG_8109 IMG_8072 IMG_8075 IMG_8107 IMG_8158 IMG_8140 IMG_8155 IMG_8084