You Are The Perfect Drug

By gonzalezgirls | March 15, 2016

“I got my head but my head is unraveling
cant keep control can’t keep track of where it’s traveling
I got my heart but my heart’s no good
you’re the only one that’s understood”

By Nine Inch Nails

You are the perfect drug! I think everyone has a drug, that one thing they can’t get enough of, for me it’s fashion and style! I confess, I happen to be a fashion junkie, who is currently having in a 90s high in DTLA!

What I Wore: black leather shorts, leather laser cut choker, live now reflective shades by Quay, & black ankle booties by Shoe Cult (Nastygal)

orange suede trench coat (NakedCowGirlVintage)

tabloid power washed t-shirt (TheSellOutIsHere)

purple slouchy hat (Target)

purple tights (Forever21)

Jaded LA_2149 Jaded LA_2182 Jaded LA_2157 Jaded LA_2174 Jaded LA_2167 Jaded LA_2152 Jaded LA_2188 Jaded LA_2176 Jaded LA_2185 Jaded LA_2193 Jaded LA_2155 Jaded LA_2172 Jaded LA_2202 Jaded LA_2162 Jaded LA_2198