Wild Flower

By gonzalezgirls | July 22, 2015

To all the vintage girls out there! It’s a lovely summer to rock your own vintage style. I covered myself in daisies and felt transformed with a classic style. I strolled through the peaceful Grand Park and took in the summer breeze. A vintage girl is an adventuress, a tough dame, rebellious, someone’s daughter, but nobody’s fool! Step out of the new and step into the old in DTLA!

What I Wore: vintage daisy dress and matching belt (Ladyvagabondvintage), white hat (Lackofcolor), and beige wedges by Shoe Cult (Nastygal).

Jaded LA_6563 Jaded LA_6611 Jaded LA_6569 Jaded LA_6548 Jaded LA_6540 Jaded LA_6543 Jaded LA_6599 Jaded LA_6550 Jaded LA_6643 Jaded LA_6570 Jaded LA_6581