Visions Of Pugs

By gonzalezgirls | January 16, 2016

Whether it’s rain or shine, always keep your umbrella handy! I got a new crazy pink umbrella with pugs all over it, so it became the inspiration for this insane look! I went with a very mod and preppy look and Lebowski wore a very glamorous black harness to match her black ears. This deranged duo will always bring a little silly chaos into the city!

What I Wore: pink Bel Air circle shades by WildFox (NoSeasonBoutique)

printed neck tie &  pink loafers by Shoe Cult (Nastygal)

rose gold jacket (PaleViolet)

black mock neck dress (Zara)

pink pug umbrella (Gilt)

black tights (Target)

Jaded LA_5894 Jaded LA_5916 Jaded LA_5942 Jaded LA_5887 Jaded LA_5907 Jaded LA_5959