Victorian Vineyard Invasion

By gonzalezgirls | April 26, 2016

Lookout!!! There’s a victorian vineyard invading the city! No wait…It’s just a crazy fashion junkie who has lost her damn mind again! When I get my hands on a vibrant vintage dress, there’s no other way for me to celebrate than to start adding amazing accessories! It will tie your personal style up in a badass bow! So break out your latest vintage find and invade the city!

What I Wore: vintage victorian vineyard dress (The_Corner_Store via Instagram)

pink circle Bel Air shades by Wildfox (NoSeasonBoutique)

pale pink heart ring (TarinaTarantino)

beam me up platforms (Nastygal)Jaded LA_6952 Jaded LA_6919 Jaded LA_6984 Jaded LA_6924 Jaded LA_6976 Jaded LA_6928 Jaded LA_6960 Jaded LA_6999 Jaded LA_6936 Jaded LA_6967 Jaded LA_6973 Jaded LA_6962