Trapped In An Artistic Asylum

By gonzalezgirls | October 26, 2016

I’ve come to confess…There’s a frantic bunny on the loose bringing chaos into the city! With a radiant rage ripping through my veins, there’s a pretty pain and a crazy curiosity that has led me to an underground style that will only exist in this artistic asylum filled with unconventional love!

What I Wore: hand painted Bunny shirt by Ron Kibble (Flasher)

Jude white leather booties by Jeffrey Campbell (Nastygal)

purple tights (Forever21)

jaded-la_4663 jaded-la_4693 jaded-la_4790 jaded-la_4749 jaded-la_4762 jaded-la_4754 jaded-la_4716 jaded-la_4785 jaded-la_4794 jaded-la_4722 jaded-la_4711 jaded-la_4801 jaded-la_4699