The Reserve

By gonzalezgirls | December 2, 2015

Lookin’ for the hottest entertainment in DTLA?! Well, look no further…Welcome to the Reserve, located in the Historic Core! This DTLA Hotspot is in the basement of a 12-story Beaux Arts-style building originally constructed in 1924. For four decades it served as Bank Of America’s Los Angeles headquarters, that is until now… This historical underground space has been transformed into a luxury cocktail club, illuminating all the original hardware that once existed. It’s absolutely gorgeous!!! As you enter this ultra chic venue, you will walk down an elegant staircase leading to their first bar, loaded with stunning features, it actually has the original elevator doors encased in glass and used as the bar itself! You will want to make your way to the Vault, walking over beaming glass, you will find the best entertainment in LA! Get ready to experience Leo Gallo & the Hemmens Bros Band! As they’re killing it on stage, you will see a massive screen playing Casablanca behind them. I’ve never seen a more engaging band perform like this group of young gentlemen. Their sound is unbelievable and they are quite interactive, vocalist Leo Gallo sings his heart out to old school classics and modern music. This wildly talented band is what true entertainment is all about! Massive shout to Hale Johnson, Jason Hemmens, Nathan Hemmens, Jimmy Heberling, Mike Eyia, Dezmond Meeks, and Leo Gallo to providing DTLA with top notch performances. As we danced the night away while sipping on sophisticated cocktails, we noticed we were completely surrounded by hundreds of old safety deposit boxes. I absolutely love that they kept so much authenticity to their already glamorous venue! But wait, that’s not all! You will want to check out the Teller’s Hall, which features intimate booths sectioned off by elegant curtains, the perfect “chill spot” with friends. Then you must make your way over to the Billionaire’s Lounge, for an upscale ambiance! This team of professionals are insanely impressive, from the moment you walk in the door the staff is super welcoming, they’re ready to make sure you have the time of your life, and consistently provide quality service throughout your fabulous evening! I observed how detail oriented the entire staff is to everyone, first-class all the way! This DTLA Hotspot is ideal for celebrating birthdays, events, holidays, or just life! If you are lookin’ for stellar entertainment on Wednesday nights, the Reserve is the ultimate place to be! So grab your friends and get ready to lose yourself in this modern day 1930s vibe!

What I Wore: white dress & black leather wedge booties by Sam Edelman (Nastygal)

distressed statement necklace (AllSaints)

black leather silver studded jacket (NoSeasonBoutique)

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