The Future Is Coming On

By gonzalezgirls | November 20, 2015

“I ain’t happy, I’m feeling glad
I got sunshine in a bag
I’m useless but not for long
The future is coming on”

By Gorillaz

The future of fashion is severe! When shopping for a high fashion look, my eyes are immediately drawn to
fabrics, materials, hardware, and design. It’s that wearable art that will always provide that “Wow” factor in the details of each garment. This futuristic high fashion look has an edgy street chic vibe, perfect for those cold nights out in the city! Next time you shop, step outside the fashion box, the future is coming on!

What I Wore: spitfire galactic mirrored shades & black leather wedge booties by Sam Edelman (Nastygal)

black hooded jacket & black lace up leggings by  Blanc Noir (NoSeasonBoutique)

Jaded LA_8348 Jaded LA_8362 Jaded LA_8384 Jaded LA_8381 Jaded LA_8378 Jaded LA_8373 Jaded LA_8404 Jaded LA_8387 Jaded LA_8399 Jaded LA_8392 Jaded LA_8432 Jaded LA_8477