The Evolution Of Sneakers

By gonzalezgirls | February 11, 2016

Sneakers used to take a backseat to heels, but times have changed! Sneakers are making a massive comeback! Colorful sneakers are being paired with anything from skirts, to skinny jeans, to casual business attire. When shopping for sneakers, you can’t just pic any old sneakers, you gotta find your personal style, you gotta go bold or go back to heels! It’s time to get personal with your sneakers!

What I Wore: loud & clear gold shades, black shorts, black racer back top, & neon orange sneakers by Jeffrey Campbell (Nastygal)

black & white envelope clutch (Medusa)

contrast heart lapel metallic blazer by Love Moschino (Gilt)

Jaded LA_9439 Jaded LA_9448 Jaded LA_9465 Jaded LA_9473 Jaded LA_9495 Jaded LA_9521 Jaded LA_9442 Jaded LA_9534 Jaded LA_9496