Experience Carrie

By gonzalezgirls | October 30, 2015

Welcome to the iconic Los Angeles Theatre located in the Historic Core! As you enter this legendary theatre, you will feel transported to the glamorous days of the 1930s. You will be immediately be blown away by the 50ft ceilings, crystal chandeliers, and a grand staircase. These stunning features are the works of architect/genius, S. Charles Lee. This beautiful grand movie palace opened in 1931, with a French Baroque-inspired décor. Sadly, this broadway theatre has mostly been used for filming for the past few decades, that is up until now….The lights are lit up on Broadway once again…Welcome to Carrie: The Killer Musical Experience!!! Stephen King’s legendary story has now been brought to the main stage at the Los Angeles Theatre, and this is one musical you don’t want to miss! Get ready for the coolest, most interactive, award-winning musical you will ever come across! The seating for this musical is divided into the Senior Class, Sophomore Class, and Junior Class, I highly recommend the Senior Class seats when buying tickets, you will be apart of the entire experience! Spoiler! The Senior bleachers actually move along with the show! The production for this musical is unbelievable, you are immediately taken back to those bleachers you remember in your High School auditorium (P.S. check out the writings on the bleachers). These young actors are booming with talent and totally killin’ it on stage! The core cast was even humble enough to let me snag a group picture with them. Another fun hint, check out the gorgeous ballroom downstairs, which is loaded with specular sets from the musical! You are in for quite an experience, with this stellar musical! Expect to be taken on a hilarious, killer journey, with an epic whirlwind of emotion at every moment! I had such an awesome time at this killer musical, I want to go again! Performances are going on till November 22, so grab your friends and get tickets to this riveting musical! It will truly be a DTLA night you will never forget!

I also included a few shots of the seating!! The online seating chart confused me a little, so take a look!! Then buy Senior Tickets!! Check out ExperienceCarrie.com for more details!

What I Wore: black pleated dress (Zara)

black leather wedge booties by Sam Edelman (Nastygal)

Location: 615 S. Broadway in the Historic Core

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