The Adventures Of Scooter LaForge – PART 1

By gonzalezgirls | May 25, 2016

Once upon a time, there was a mysterious man who lived in the East Village of Manhattan. He was a colorful artist who was inspired by vintage cartoons, monsters, and clowns. Little did he know, he would meet a beautiful fashion powerhouse who would bring his wild work to the world of fashion! And they lived happily ever after…Right?? If you think you’ve heard this story before, then you are dead wrong! This is no story book for kids, this is Scooter LaForge!!!

Welcome to the World of Scooter LaForge, a fascinating artist who has brought his provocative and vibrant masterpieces to galleries and museums all over the world! His partner in crime is none other than, Patricia Field, who really needs no introduction! Basically she was the reason I moved to NYC at 19 and became permanently addicted to style, and if that’s not enough, she has continuously reinvented herself throughout the 80s till now, plus she just so happens to be the genius behind the fashion of Sex in the City! Field and LaForge are truly making a splash with wearable art! If you don’t believe me just ask Beyonce or Madonna, who have been seen in LaForge’s latest hand painted designs. There’s something deeply adventurous and magical about his art, it feels curious and untamed, with a special dose of Scooter humor… IT’S ABOUT DAMN TIME!… Sometimes the fashion world can be quite intense and take itself way too seriously, but just when you think there’s nothing left to say, out pops Scooter! If you think the story’s over, guess what, it’s only just begun!

To Be Continued….

What I wore: costumed hand painted denim jacket by Scooter LaForge & tutu skirt by Patricia Field (PatriciaField)

metallic sneakers by Jeffrey Campbell (JeffreyCampbell)

futuristic shades (UNIF)

Jaded LA_0289Jaded LA_0326Jaded LA_0303Jaded LA_0314Jaded LA_0283