Socks That Say A Lot

By gonzalezgirls | June 17, 2016

Socks aren’t just made for sneakers! The 90s we’re all about sporting colored socked with pretty much everything! Novelty socks are the perfect way to express personal style and can definitely be rocked with heels! So on your next night out, slip on those socks that say a lot!

What I Wore: novelty “pill popper” socks, vintage mirrored shades, black pony-haired heels by Shoe Cult (Nastygal)

faux white leather/cotton shirt (ILoveFashionBoutique)

white leather midi skirt (Zara)

black beanie (Target)

Jaded LA_1497Jaded LA_1504Jaded LA_1541Jaded LA_1532Jaded LA_1509