Social Pooches

By gonzalezgirls | July 11, 2015

This past Wednesday was the DTLA Dog Day Afternoon at the Cathedral, and what an exciting event it was for all pooches who attended! While listening to music, my two playful pugs, Jade and Lebowski got to met lots of furry friends, along with free nail clippings, yummy treats, and loaded up gift bags from local sponsors. It was so great to mingle with locals and their beautiful pets. Check the social recap of the event along with all the cute pets we captured, and watch their personalities shine through on camera!

What I Wore: black leggings (Zara), black wedge sneakers (Nastygal), plaid shirt (Target), and black hat (Lackofcolor).

IMG_6764 IMG_6787 IMG_6882 IMG_6790 IMG_6789 IMG_6883 IMG_6877 IMG_6881 IMG_6873 IMG_6876 IMG_6860 IMG_6840 IMG_6878 IMG_6871 IMG_6799 IMG_6854 IMG_6835 IMG_6814 IMG_6833 IMG_6820 IMG_6796 IMG_6812 IMG_6802 IMG_6846 IMG_6885 IMG_6811