Shut The Pug Up!

By gonzalezgirls | April 29, 2016

Lookout fashion junkies!!! ¬†This city cracks me the pug up! I love that something totally crazy pops up everyday! I came across this ultimate artistic inspiration, as you all know I’m a massive pug lover, so I stopped dead in my tracks and had to capture this insane wall booming with personality! When it comes to personal style, your look should represent your amazing personality! Sometimes the most unlikely pieces are a perfect match, which means the solution to any fashion dilemma could be waiting in the back of your closet! So break out your badass look that will inspire us all!

What I Wore: beam me up platforms, lace dress, & circle mirrored shades (Nastygal)

“Peace Squad” camouflage jacket (BackBeatRags)

burgundy tights (Target)

Jaded LA_5696 Jaded LA_5757 Jaded LA_5706 Jaded LA_5708 Jaded LA_5689 Jaded LA_5733 Jaded LA_5756 Jaded LA_5741 Jaded LA_5747 Jaded LA_5772 Jaded LA_5763 Jaded LA_5780 Jaded LA_5771 Jaded LA_5765 Jaded LA_5798