Revolutionary Road

By gonzalezgirls | August 13, 2016

The average woman takes on a lot of unwarranted shit, rough roads we all come across, with bullshit barriers, false ideals, and massive amounts of judgement coming from every direction! It’s pretty freakin’ insane, but that just means we have the opportunity to prove everyone else wrong. We all have our own revolutionary road, it’s path makes us who we are. So embrace your revolutionary road, because all the crazy crap, makes all the good even greater!

What I Wore: vintage leopard silk scarf (NakedCowGirlVintage)

cat-eye tortoise shades (Asos)

white structure top (Nastygal)

tortoise loafers (JeffreyCampbell)

gingham midi skirt (VelazcaBoutique)

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