Pump Up The Volume

By gonzalezgirls | August 6, 2015

The one inspiration I can’t live without is music! That’s when it all started for me, and everything became a little more alive and a lot more deep. I’m not sure if it feels the same way for everyone else, but it always spoke to my soul. I think most legendary musical artists paved the way for fashion and created iconic looks that continue to come back in style. So crank up the volume on your look in DTLA!

What I Wore: lavender top (Nastygal), knit high-waisted skirt (Americanapparel), metallic sneakers by Jeffery Campbell (Nastygal), and purple headphones (Target).

IMG_8212 IMG_8255 IMG_8208 IMG_8191 IMG_8251 IMG_8246 IMG_8256IMG_8271IMG_8300