Pug Night In

By gonzalezgirls | June 5, 2016

A movie, popcorn, and a pug…talk about a fabulous night in! My sweet pug, Jade and I took a night off from the city to lounge with The Royal Tenenbaums. So I got cozy in my movie night overalls, which basically the are best thing to wear at the movies or at home. So throw on those overalls and sit back and relax to a classic dark comedy!

What I Wore: “The End” sequin popcorn overalls (Zara)

Jaded LA_0854 Jaded LA_0910 Jaded LA_0867 Jaded LA_0885 Jaded LA_0848 Jaded LA_0899 Jaded LA_0892 Jaded LA_0895