Print Overdose

By gonzalezgirls | October 22, 2015

Combining Prints are all the rage this Fall! You can totally match your prints or mix them up, there’s no right way to wear prints. So be playful with prints, they can be anything from shoes to accessories. As far as I’m concerned the more prints you pile on, the better!

What I wore: vintage printed blazer, black short jumpsuit, black turband, printed mirrored shades by Quay All Purchased at (Nastygal)

floral printed heels (AldoShoes)

Jaded LA_5993 Jaded LA_5977 Jaded LA_5999 Jaded LA_5923 Jaded LA_6004 Jaded LA_6013 Jaded LA_5963 Jaded LA_5979 Jaded LA_6009 Jaded LA_5951 Jaded LA_5988 Jaded LA_5971 Jaded LA_5912 Jaded LA_5994