Preppy Vibes

By gonzalezgirls | March 1, 2016

Feelin’ preppy in the city! The perfect way to spice up a basic preppy look is to add some badass metallic sneakers and clear shades! By the way, red lipstick will never be boring, so brighten up those basics that you have lying around in your closet! Don’t be fooled by a preppy girl, we all remember how evil they were in high school!

What I Wore: clear mirrored shades by Quay & metallic sneakers by Jeffrey Campbell (Nastygal)

striped crop top & white skirt (Zara)

Jaded LA_1220Jaded LA_1241Jaded LA_1260Jaded LA_1235Jaded LA_1228Jaded LA_1244Jaded LA_1273