Pile On Those Pins!

By gonzalezgirls | July 10, 2016

It’s time to get crazy creative! If you’re a vintage lover, like me, then you probably love unique and one of a kind pieces that set you apart from others. My mission for you is to take a vintage vest or jacket a personalize it with old pins. They can be anything from rockstars to fun phrases! Whatever you’re into make it you’re own by piling on those pins! By the end, you will have created a killer 90s punk rock vibe that will carry you into Fall!

What I Wore: black leather shorts & gold patent leather sneakers by Jeffrey Campbell (Nastygal)

Black Sabbath shirt (RocknRollFleaMarket)

vintage long black vest (NYLaurent)

vintage old pins collected from high school dayz

Jaded LA_3971 Jaded LA_3968 Jaded LA_3983 Jaded LA_3987 Jaded LA_3995 Jaded LA_3999 Jaded LA_4004 Jaded LA_4009