Pale Violet

By gonzalezgirls | September 21, 2015

Welcome to the fashion forward boutique, Pale Violet! I had the pleasure of entering the fabulous world of the Pale Violet showroom! This curated world is booming with creativity! I met with the lovely Julia Blake, owner, fashion genius, with a killer eye for curating! Julia is working hard at hand-picking specific pieces from designers all around the world. This not your average boutique, everything she chooses is special, unique, and timeless, the quality is pure luxury at an affordable price. It’s quite stunning to see the details in everything from clothes to shoes to accessories. I fell in love with so much, I knew I wasn’t leaving empty handed. The Pale Violet showroom is based in DTLA, is open to customers and is online at I’m pleased to say this amazing DTLA Hotspot is the Jaded LA Business of the Week! This rare boutique is something you want to keep your eyes on and see what will come next!

What I Wore: Twiggy white circle shades by Wildfox, white leather oxfords by Jeffrey Campbell (Nastygal), white tuxedo pants and sequin pink top (H&M)

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