Painted In Peace

By gonzalezgirls | March 17, 2016

Bring on the paint! Being surrounded by graffiti art can only bring out the peace! Making a statement with your outerwear is the sign of true personal style, so make some peaceful noise! It’s time to rock those one of a kind pieces that represent your peace of mind!

What I Wore: green mirrored circle shades by Wildfox (NoSeasonBoutique)

white leather fingerless gloves (Amazon)

vintage peace squad jacket (BackBeatRags)

cage Bowie boots (Nastygal)

white dress by Dolce Vita (Gilt)

Jaded LA_2720Jaded LA_2758Jaded LA_2728Jaded LA_2741Jaded LA_2714Jaded LA_2764Jaded LA_2765Jaded LA_2742Jaded LA_2771