“We’re Not In Kansas Anymore”

By gonzalezgirls | June 11, 2016

Dorothy took a dangerously denim turn into DTLA! Dorothy felt like a badass takin’ on an unconventional street style! On her search for Oz, she would stumble upon killer style giving her the courage to take risks, while finding out that DTLA is where her heart truly belongs!

What I Wore: gingham midi skirt (VelazcaDTLABoutique)

spitfire galactic shades (Nastygal)

silver oxfords (JeffreyCampbell)

denim shirt (Round2LA)

Jaded LA_1422 Jaded LA_1451 Jaded LA_1428 Jaded LA_1479 Jaded LA_1414 Jaded LA_1442