Nobody Likes A Dirty Girl

By gonzalezgirls | July 15, 2015

Unconventional beauty and fashion always captivates me, I am intrigued by anything that stands out from the norm, so I decided to channel my inner “dirty girl”. I threw on an old vintage lace dress, vintage black leather jacket, added a black boater hat, with black nylon socks, and beam up platforms by Nastygal. These images were shot at Pershing Square, where free weekend concerts are going on all summer. So take a risk and get down and dirty with fashion in DTLA!

What I Wore: vintage white lace dress, vintage black leather jacket, black nylon socks (Target), beam up platforms (Nastygal), and black boater hat (Lackofcolor).

IMG_7088 IMG_7200 IMG_7211 IMG_7198 IMG_7192 IMG_7186 IMG_7089 IMG_7154 IMG_7140 anJKP IMG_7113 IMG_7132 IMG_7161 IMG_7225 IMG_7231 IMG_7259