Monster Junkie

By gonzalezgirls | September 22, 2016

The little monster that lives inside me has a seriously attitude problem! It rears it’s ugly head and brings out a delicious desire for chaos! I can’t help, but become aroused as my mind starts to fiend for my next hideous fix!

What I Wore: circle mirrored shades & Jude white leather booties by Jeffrey Campbell (Nastygal)

custom hand-painted monster denim jacket by Scooter LaForge (PatriciaField)

vintage lace pantyhose by Black Temptation & Derby black hat by Belfry (Amazon)

white leather shorts (ILoveFashionBoutique)

men in leather t-shirt (Round2LA)

jaded-la_1800 jaded-la_1881 jaded-la_1862 jaded-la_1825 jaded-la_1844 jaded-la_1872 jaded-la_1808