Maybe I’ll Quit Tomorrow…

By gonzalezgirls | April 4, 2016

My addiction runs way deeper than smoking…I get a massive high when I style a killer new look! My goal is to constantly keep pushing the limits, pairing pieces that you wouldn’t normally put together, and trying to change the way we see fashion. I’m always on the search for that new and innovative fashion piece to keep my high going! Maybe I’ll quit tomorrow?…Don’t hold your breathe!

What I Wore: black beanie, mirrored circle shades, & neon orange player sneaker by Jeffrey Campbell (Nastygal)

I’ll Quit Tomorrow tee by Scooter LaForge (PatriciaField)

black tailor me blazer (PaleViolet)

black tights (Target)

Jaded LA_3767 Jaded LA_3773 Jaded LA_3791 Jaded LA_3800 Jaded LA_3803 Jaded LA_3816 Jaded LA_3842 Jaded LA_3847 Jaded LA_3828 Jaded LA_3772 Jaded LA_3836 Jaded LA_3780 Jaded LA_3874 Jaded LA_3852 Jaded LA_3880