I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream For Uli’s Gelato!!!

By gonzalezgirls | June 1, 2015

In desperate need of something cold and sweet?! Then check out Gelateria Uli! This frozen desert cafe is located in the Spring Arcade Building in the Historic Core, and is by far the best gelato I’ve ever had! With so many insanely yummy flavors to choose from, you will be fiending for more. Before opening her own gelato shop, Uli began making her own gelato at home. As she began to play with flavors and perfecting her ingredients, she then began making gelato for dinner parties, which then led to the impulsive decision of opening up her 1st gelato shop! I have to say, I’ve tried gelato from NYC to LA and I can personally guarantee you no one comes close! I’m so happy to have this amazing shop in DTLA! My favorite flavor by far is Amaretto, however today I decided to venture outside the flavor I love and try Pluton, which was perfection! If you need caffeine with your gelato, you must try her fabulous latte that she whips into the shape of a heart at the pop up morning coffee shop. There is nothing sweeter than sharing gelato on a first date or with the one you love. Guess what’s next for Uli? Cakes!!! Need I say more…. I have decided Uli’s has rightfully earned business of the week here at Jaded LA!

What I wore: shredded high-waisted white skinny jeans, a red and white striped crop top, red mirrored shades, and metallic sneakers

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