High Fashion Explosion

By gonzalezgirls | November 4, 2016

I have found myself in a kingdom of color! A pretty little place where wearable art reigns supreme and fashion trends take a backseat. This artistic kingdom celebrates self expression with artistic style. My brain has become enchanted with the explosion of artistic love surrounding me…I think I’ve finally found home!

What I Wore: red leather skirt, beam me up platforms, & black leather cap (Nastygal)

hand painted coat by Suzan Pitt (Flasher) or (PatriciaField)

matte black cat-eye mirrored pink shades by Quay (PaleViolet)

pink lace tights (The_Corner_StoreInstagram)

vintage oversized pink ruffled blouse (NyLaurent)

black leather fingerless gloves (Amazon)jaded-la_5284 jaded-la_5300 jaded-la_5344 jaded-la_5313 jaded-la_5316 jaded-la_5288 jaded-la_5332 jaded-la_5351