By gonzalezgirls | September 2, 2015

These novelty tees are taking over and I can’t get enough of them! Their insanely playful, so go grab some attention in your fun novelty tees. I have a love/hate relationship with authority but Cops definitely make good-looking models! So heres to the DTLA Cops that serve and protect!

What I Wore: Cop-A-Feel novelty tee (Unif), red suede booties by Kelsi Dagger (Gilt), black leather shorts, and silver aviators (Nastygal).

Jaded LA_2100 Jaded LA_2105 Jaded LA_2111 Jaded LA_2110 Jaded LA_2119 Jaded LA_2115 Jaded LA_2137 Jaded LA_2120 Jaded LA_2158 Jaded LA_2160