French Girl Blues

By gonzalezgirls | September 7, 2016

Why is it that French girls always look so damn chic?! Maybe they are just born with killer style or perhaps there is a European vibe that only exists in the city streets? Whatever it may be, I will strive to master the art of French fashion! Until then, I will remain with a crazy case of the French girl blues!

What I Wore: black bralette, black high waisted panties, black Marlo shades, lace socks, & Magnus box leather booties by Atelje 71 (Nastygal)

vintage sheer blue dress (Bunny&Wolf)

black beret (Target)

Jaded LA_9339 Jaded LA_9344 Jaded LA_9379 Jaded LA_9347 Jaded LA_9315 Jaded LA_9369