Flowers On A Ledge

By gonzalezgirls | April 18, 2016

Take your fashion to new heights! When it comes to personal style, don’t be afraid to take risks! You can’t always play it safe, just because you think you might fall! Trust me, you won’t! Try living life on the edge, you never know, you just might enjoy it!

What I Wore : vintage gardens nights dress & beam me up platforms (Nastygal)

pink Bel Air circle shades by Wildfox (NoSeasonBoutique)

pink heart-shaped pink (TarinaTarantino)

burgundy tights (Target)

Jaded LA_5820 Jaded LA_5864 Jaded LA_5878 Jaded LA_5811 Jaded LA_5833 Jaded LA_5810 Jaded LA_5829 Jaded LA_5870 Jaded LA_5880 Jaded LA_5843