Feelin’ Juicy

By gonzalezgirls | May 26, 2015

I stepped out in my flowy blue romper and peach shades lookin’ for something energizing and tasty, so I decided to head to my favorite juice bar, Green Grotto. When you first step into this Juice Bar, the aroma of warm Jamaican patties fills the air. So so yummy! Owner Kieran Roberts has created a stellar menu full of fun and refreshing juices/smoothies. My personal favorite is the Live and Burn! Visit this Hot Spot and sip on innovative juices, listen to great music, play games, all while charging your phone at the table. Locals are already loving this hip Juice Bar located in the Spring Arcade, which is why we are pleased to name the Green Grotto Juice Bar as the Jaded LA business of the week!

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