By gonzalezgirls | November 2, 2016

Welcome to a DTLA Hotspot, EdiBol! Owner and Chef extraordinaire, Andrea Uyeda, is dishing up passion loaded with extra love for an unforgettable Brunch! I had the pleasure of a truly Edibol experience with a woman who is in love with cooking, family, and making memories all in the form of a bowl…That’s right, everything is served in a bowl! Everything from her crispy Fried Pickled Chips to her Stoned Ground Corn Pops, all these add up to¬†perfect morning muchaBols. Your taste buds will ignite with her Pretzel Grilled Cheese Wedges smothered in sharp cheddar, muenster cheese, crazy caramelized onions, and stone ground mustard…mmm…What better way to start your EdiBol brunch than with a hand crafted drinkaBol. Her delectaBol drinkaBol cocktail is made with lemon shrub, thyme, ginger, lemongrass, and shochu. All I can say about that delectaBol is, “insanely refreshing!” Are you ready to make your mouth water?! Then get ready for EdiBol’s Garlic Roasted & Herb Pork Hash made with pretty little pickled raisons, tasty roasted almonds, tomatillo crema, a house baked cheddar buttermilk biscuit, with a golden fried poached egg…Ridiculously rich! Wait, wait, wait…I’ve saved the best for last. You absolutely have to try her unbelievable French Toast Custard topped with applewood bacon and brown butter syrup! Hands down the best French toast you will ever have in your life! EdiBol is an authentic work of art, built on the idea that love, family, and comfort are the best flavors in life!

What I Wore: freak of nature floral lattice dress & mod star irredescent shades by Quay (Nastygal)

metallic blue Walton boots (JeffreyCampbell)

blue boater hat (LackOfColor)

EdiBol: 300 S. Santa Fe Ave.jaded-la_5131 jaded-la_5158 jaded-la_5167 jaded-la_5176 jaded-la_5139 jaded-la_5153 jaded-la_5183 jaded-la_5220 jaded-la_5230 jaded-la_5206